How to choose a best Domain Name for your Website

How to choose a best Domain Name for your Website

Finding a domain name for your business can be very easy. At first it seems complicated to find one that will benefit you the most way, but just relax. You are about to find out one of the greatest advice used when it comes to finding a domain name. Register a domain name today, and use our best Hostgator Coupon code 2015 and have a website up in minutes for next to nothing!

How to choose a best Domain Name for your Website

How to choose a best Domain Name for your Website

What is a domain name?

Let’s get to the basics. A domain name is an identification string that is used to show authority or possession on a certain section on the internet. In layman’s terms, a domain name is where a person owns a part of the internet. With a domain name, you are able to find a web host such as HostGator and be available to own a website. Now that you know what a domain name generally is, now we will discuss how to find a domain name that will help you. There are multitudes of methods that will help you Methods to Choose a Domain Name

1. Direct Naming:

Through direct naming, you will be creating a domain that is specific to the niche you are selling. For instance, if you create a direct name domain about golf shoes, the site’s name will be something like or This is a short term method that is used to make people understand that your site is about golf shoes.

2. Generic Naming:

If you are planning to create a site for over a year, the optimal method is to create a generic name. This is a long term method because as the years progress, you can make a brand off of that name. This method makes people recognize the site even easier. An example of a domain name like this are sites such as: Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. Thus, through creating a generic name for a domain, one will be able to create a brand over time. These are the basic methods to help find a domain name. With these methods you will be able to either create a site for you affiliate business, or create a brand for the long term.We have recently registered this domain

Where to Register Domain Names?

After coming up with a domain name for you website, you have to get it registered. A good site that is good for domain registration is HostGator . Currently, their rates are only $3.99 a year in order to own a domain name. Very affordable don’t you think? After registering your domain name, the name servers must be switched. Basically, if your site is, you must switch its nameservers to HostGator’s nameserver. You need to do this so that your site can be able to be hosted by a web host. If you still are of in need of assistance, do not worry! HostGator has a 24/7 technical support system. So the process to have your domain name on the net should be simple. Even the most basic internet surfer should be able to set up their own website with little problem. Now that you’ve followed that, you can begin to use your site for whatever purpose you desire!

Different Types Of Web Hosting Service – How To Choose?


There are different types of web hosting services that are available for your websites and where you can easily host your websites. But there are plenty of things that you will have to keep in mind while availing these services. You will have to sign up with the services and you are also going to need a server for your business needs and according to your budget. You should also choose the services that web host offers. There are several hosting services available and that are


  • Dedicated hosting
  • Free hosting
  • Collocated hosting
  • Shared hosting

It is important that you know about these services and hosting so that you can choose a desired one according to your budget and needs.

Dedicated hosting

In the dedicated server case you are having the entire web server for yourself this hosting server is also going to allow you with faster performance and you area also going to have resources with it entirely. There is no need to share anything with any other website. This also concludes that you will have today the entire cost. This is an excellent choice for all the websites that requires system resources and will also need a very high level of security.

 Free hosting

It can be a very good choice for all those when you want to build a website that is not as critical as others. Very often in the free hosting the website is frequently down and you will also have to face slow speed connection. They are also going to add lots of banners on your website without informing you. They also offer free sub domain and you will not be able to transfer them.

Collocated hosting

In this hosting you will have to purchase your own server and it will also have web hosts facilities. You are also going to be responsible for server. The most important advantage of collocated hosting server is that you are going to have full control over it. Users will also be able to install applications and scripts on their own.

Shared hosting

In this case you are going to share hosting servers with some other websites. This includes software application and physical server within the server. These services are also preferred by many because they are affordable. This is due to the fact that the cost of the operation is shared among the people who own this. There are several problems that you will have to face with dedicated server. These are the different types of web hosting services that you are going to get. Initially you can choose agree hosting server and then switch to others. This way you will get the idea about the hosting services and how you will get best out of them.

 Choosing accompany

There re some reputable web hosting service providers available online. You just have to compare the efficiency, reputation, and cost of the services and how effective they are. Compare everything among the companies; this will help you in choosing best web hosting service providers. Also make sure they are not having any extra fees.